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Sunday 9pm-10pm

J-Fashion Panels
(Signia Club Regent)
continues from 7pmJ-Fashion Game Night
Panels 1
begins at 9:30pmAnime to See Before You Die (18+)runs until 11:30pm
Panels 2
continues from 8:30pmWelcome to the Hazbin Hotel! (18+)
Panels 3
continues from 8pmThe Morbid World of Junji Ito (16+)ends at 9:30pm
Panels 3
begins at 9:30pmAnime Survivor (16+)runs until 12am
Panels 4
continues from 8:30pmKinky Side To Anime (18+)
Manga Lounge
(SJCC Room 211)
continues from 9amManga Loungeruns until 11pm
(SJCC Room 212)
Dumpster Fire Talent Showruns until 11pm
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
Stage Zero After Darkruns until 2am
Console Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 10amOpen Console Gaming
Tabletop Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 10amOpen Tabletop Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 10amOpen Arcade Gaming
Tabletop Gaming Events
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 3:30pmMahjong Tournament - 3 hanchans
Main Dance Floor
(SJCC Room 230)
Boiler Room
(SJCC Room 231)
Info Desk Main
(SJCC Near Stage Zero)
continues from 10amInfo Desk Main
(Civic Auditorium)
continues from 6pmMasquerade Cosplay Contestends at 9:30pm
Lost and Found
(Hilton San Carlos)
continues from 9amLost and Foundruns until 2am
Convention Operations
(Hilton San Carlos)
[all day]Convention Operationsruns until 3am
Black and White Ball Events
(Marriott San Jose Ballroom)
continues from 6pmThe Black and White Ballruns until 12am
Idris' Closet
(Marriott Willow Glen 2:3)
continues from 9:30amIdris' Closetruns until 12am
Idris' Closet - Fan Storage
(Marriott Willow Glen 2:3)
continues from 6pmIdris' Closet - Fan Storageruns until 12am
Prayer Room
(Hyatt Salon 3)
continues from 9amPrayer Roomruns until 12am
Night Market
(DoubleTree Sierra:Cascade)
continues from 6pmNight Marketruns until 1am
Stage of Stars
(DoubleTree Siskiyou:Donner)
continues from 6pmStage of Stars Programmingruns until 1am
Gaming (18+)
(DoubleTree Carmel:Monterey)
continues from 6pmOpen Tabletop Gaming (18+)runs until 1am
Film Room 1
(DoubleTree Cedar:Pine)
continues from 6pmAMV Hell Block Partyends at 9:30pm
Film Room 2
(DoubleTree Fir:Oak)
continues from 8pmHentai (18+)runs until 1am
Manga Lounge (18+)
(DoubleTree Silicon Valley Room)
continues from 6pmManga Lounge (18+)runs until 1am

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