FanimeCon 2021 Mobile Schedule

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Currently Nov 29, 10:48am

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Sunday 9pm-10pm

Panels 1
continues from 8pmCWF: Ultimate Fantasy Booking Federation (16+)
Panels 2
Convention Stories
FanimeCon Twitch
continues from 8:30pmFanimaid Cafe x Gaming - Skullgirlsends at 9:10pm
FanimeCon Twitch
begins at 9:20pmFanimaid Cafe x Gaming - Jackbox
Black and White Ball
Games with the Black & White Ballruns until 12am
Artist Alley
continues from 10amArtist Alleyruns until 12am
Dealers Room
continues from 10amDealers Roomruns until 12am
Info Desk
continues from 10amInfo Deskruns until 12am
Convention Operations
continues from 10amConvention Operationsruns until 12am

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