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SPECIAL NOTE: Events in yellow have been changed from the original pocket schedule.
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Saturday 10pm-11pm

Panels 1
(Fairmont Imperial Ballroom)
SuperEpicFunTime: Dating Game (18+)runs until 12am
Panels 2
(Fairmont Regency Ballroom)
continues from 9pmAnime to See Before You Die (18+)
Panels 3
(Fairmont Crystal)
continues from 9pmNerd Courting (18+)runs until 12am
Panels 4
(Fairmont Gold)
Fanimad Libs After Hours (18+)runs until 12am
Fan Events 1
(Fairmont Atherton)
continues from 9pmRunning Man
Manga Lounge
(Fairmont Sacramento / Piedmont / Hillsborough)
[all day]Manga Lounge[all day]
(SJCC Room 212)
continues from 6pmOpen Micruns until 2am
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
continues from 9pmFGC Nights at Stage Zeroruns until 12am
Console Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Console Gaming[all day]
Tabletop Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Tabletop Gaming[all day]
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Arcade Gaming[all day]
PC Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open PC Gaming[all day]
Games Presentation Stage
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 2pmLeague of Legends Tournament Simulcast
PC Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 11amLeague of Legends Tournament
Dance - Main Floor
(SJCC Room 230)
continues from 7pmFanimeCon Danceruns until 2am
Dance - Theme Room 2
(SJCC Room 231)
continues from 7pmFanimeCon Danceruns until 2am
Dance - Water Center
(SJCC Room 232)
continues from 7pmDance - Water Centerruns until 2am
Info Desk 1
(SJCC Near Stage Zero)
[all day]Info Desk Main[all day]
Info Desk 4
(SJCC Opposite Hilton Entrance)
continues from 12pmInfo Desk 4runs until 12am
Industry Room
Sentai Filmworks presents: Made in Abyssruns until 12am
Nostalgia Room
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirthruns until 12am
Marathon Room
continues from 6pmCrunchyroll presents: Attack on Titan: Season 3runs until 1am
Cutting Edge Room
Crunchyroll presents: Bungo Stray Dogs: Season 3runs until 12am
Video Main
Anime Hellruns until 12am
Film Room
Crunchyroll presents: Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Appleruns until 12am
Lost and Found
(Hilton Market)
[all day]Lost and Found[all day]
Fan Storage
(Hilton Market)
[all day]Fan Storageruns until 3:30am
Parents Lounge
(Hilton Winchester 1:2)
[all day]Parents Lounge[all day]
New Mothers Room
(Hilton Corner Office)
[all day]New Mothers Room[all day]
Convention Operations
(Hilton San Carlos)
[all day]Convention Operations[all day]
Black and White Ball Events
(Marriott San Jose Ballroom)
Decompression Dance Partyruns until 1am
Hentai 2
(DoubleTree Sierra)
Hentai Nights (18+)runs until 2am
Hentai Main
(DoubleTree Cascade:Siskiyou)
Hentai Nights (18+)runs until 2am
(DoubleTree Donner Pass)
Hot Yaoi Nights (18+)runs until 2am
Adult Gaming
(DoubleTree San Jose:Santa Clara)
continues from 8pmLate Night Adult Gaming Room (18+)runs until 2am
Casino Night
(DoubleTree Carmel:Monterey)
continues from 8pmCasino Nightruns until 12am
Info Desk 6
(DoubleTree Lobby Entrance)
continues from 8pmInfo Desk 6runs until 2am
Night Market
(DoubleTree Cedar:Pine)
continues from 8pmNight Marketruns until 2am
Stage of Stars
(DoubleTree Fir:Oak)
continues from 8pmLet's Make a Deal!runs until 2am
ConOps (DoubleTree)
(DoubleTree Boardroom)
continues from 6pmConOps (DoubleTree)runs until 2am

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