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SPECIAL NOTE: Events in yellow have been changed from the original pocket schedule.
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Saturday 11pm-12am

Panels 1
(Fairmont Imperial Ballroom)
Cthulhu For President! (16+)
Panels 2
(Fairmont Regency Ballroom)
Q&A with D-Piddy
Panels 3
(Fairmont Crystal)
Tokyo on the Cheap
Panels 4
(Fairmont Gold)
Cosplay Fitness
Manga Lounge
(Fairmont Sacramento / Piedmont / Hillsborough)
[all day]Manga Lounge[all day]
Maid Cafe
(Fairmont Club Regent)
continues from 6pmFanimaid Caféruns until 1am
Info Desk 5
(Fairmont Near Main Entrance)
continues from 5pmInfo Desk 5runs until 5am
Professional Registration
(SJCC Room 114)
continues from 4pmProfessional Registrationruns until 2am
(SJCC Room 210F/G/H)
continues from 10:30pmChris Pattonends at 11:30pm
(SJCC Room 210F/G/H)
begins at 11:30pmNobutoshi Cannaruns until 12:30am
Cosplay Hangout
(SJCC Room 210A)
continues from 5pmCosplay Hangoutruns until 4am
Speed Dating
(SJCC Room 211A)
Session 3runs until 12:30am
(SJCC Room 212)
AcoustiKaraoke!runs until 1am
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
Black and White Ball Dance Demonstrationends at 11:30pm
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
begins at 11:30pmN.Yunit - Korean Pop Performanceends at 11:45pm
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
begins at 11:45pmStage Zero Programming
Artist Alley
(SJCC Room 220)
continues from 5pmArtist Alleyruns until 2am
Dealers Room
(SJCC Hall 1 & 2)
continues from 5pmDealers Roomruns until 2am
Charity Events
(SJCC Hall 1 & 2)
continues from 5pmCharity Eventsruns until 2am
Food Court
(SJCC Hall 1 & 2)
continues from 5pmFood Courtruns until 2am
Console Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Console Gaming[all day]
Tabletop Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Tabletop Gaming[all day]
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Arcade Gaming[all day]
PC Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open PC Gaming[all day]
Games Presentation Stage
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 9pmLeague of Legends Tournament Simulcastruns until 6am
Tabletop Gaming Events
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 10pmGiant Jenga Tournament (Finals)
PC Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 6pmLeague of Legends Tournamentruns until 6am
Console Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 7pmSmash Bros Ultimate Tournamentruns until 3am
Console Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 9pmDragon Ball Fighter Z Tournamentruns until 3am
Arcade Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 7pmDDR Extreme Pro Tournamentruns until 1am
Arcade Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
Pump It Up (Upper Division) Tournamentruns until 5am
Info Desk 1
(SJCC Near Stage Zero)
[all day]Info Desk Main[all day]
Info Desk 2
(SJCC Outside Video Rooms)
continues from 3pmInfo Desk 2runs until 3am
Info Desk 3
(SJCC Opposite Marriott Entrance)
continues from 4pmInfo Desk 3runs until 4am
Info Desk 4
(SJCC Opposite Hilton Entrance)
continues from 7pmInfo Desk 4runs until 7am
Peacebonding Station
(SJCC Opposite Reg)
continues from 3pmPeacebonding Stationruns until 3am
(SJCC The Hub)
continues from 4pmRegistrationruns until 3am
Art Gallery
continues from 5pmArt Galleryruns until 2am
Industry Room
Discotek presents: Lupin the 3rd: Bye Bye Lady Libertyruns until 1am
Nostalgia Room
In Honor of Monkey Punch: Discotek presents: Lupin the Third: First Seriesruns until 1am
Marathon Room
continues from 8pmCrunchyroll presents: Promised Neverlandruns until 1am
Cutting Edge Room
continues from 10pmFMV Contestruns until 1am
Video Main
continues from 10pmFMV Contestruns until 1am
Film Room
Crunchyroll presents: One Piece: Episode of Skypiearuns until 1am
Lost and Found
(Hilton Market)
[all day]Lost and Found[all day]
Fan Storage
(Hilton Market)
continues from 3:30pmFan Storageruns until 10:30am
Tabletop Tournament Room
(Hilton Almaden)
Magic: the Gathering Tournament (Commander)runs until 2am
Parents Lounge
(Hilton Winchester 1:2)
[all day]Parents Lounge[all day]
New Mothers Room
(Hilton Corner Office)
[all day]New Mothers Room[all day]
Convention Operations
(Hilton San Carlos)
[all day]Convention Operations[all day]
Black and White Ball Events
(Marriott San Jose Ballroom)
continues from 10:30pmHustleends at 11:30pm
Black and White Ball Events
(Marriott San Jose Ballroom)
begins at 11:30pmWaltzruns until 12:30am
(Marriott Silicon Valley Boardroom)
continues from 2pmVolunteersruns until 4am
Idris' Closet
(Marriott Willow Glen 2:3)
continues from 4:30pmIdris' Closetruns until 2am
Gatherings Table
(Gatherings G1)
continues from 4:30pmGatherings Tableruns until 1am
Video wood stairs
(Gatherings G3)
continues from 10:30pmAce Attorney vs Professor Laytonends at 11:30pm
Marriott side
(Gatherings G4)
All Isekai Series
Fallout Zone
(Gatherings G6)
My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia
The Slab
(Gatherings G7)
The Spider Verse
Hilton Tree walkway
(Gatherings G8)

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