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Monday 1am-2am

Cutting Edge Room
continues from 12:30amFanimeCon and Crunchyroll present: Anime Anarchy: Juni Taisen: Zodiac Warruns until 2:30am
Nostalgia Room
continues from 12amDiscotek presents: Photon: the Idiot Adventures
Asian Film Room
continues from 12amAMV Hell Up All Nightruns until 6am
Marathon Room
continues from 12amDiscotek presents: The 1st Annual Ghost Stories Marathonruns until 6am
Industry Room
continues from 12amFanimeCon Hentai Nights (18+)runs until 6am
Video Main
continues from 12amFanimeCon Hentai Music Video Awards (18+)
Film Room
continues from 12amFanimeCon Hot Yaoi Nights (18+)runs until 6am
Console Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Console Gamingruns until 2pm
Tabletop Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Tabletop Gamingruns until 2pm
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Arcade Gamingruns until 2pm
PC Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open PC Gamingruns until 2pm
Games Presentation Stage
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 12amLate Night Shenanigans - Move or Die Tournamentruns until 3am
(SJCC Room 212)
continues from 12amOpen Mic
Dance - Main Floor
(SJCC Room 230)
continues from 9pmFanimeCon Danceruns until 3am
Dance - Water Center
(SJCC Room 231)
continues from 9pmDance - Water Centerruns until 3am
Dance - Rest Area
(SJCC Room 232)
continues from 9pmDance - Rest Arearuns until 3am
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
continues from 12amStage Zero After Hours – Kingdom Heartsruns until 4am
Info Desk 1
(SJCC Near Stage Zero)
[all day]Info Desk Mainruns until 2pm
Fan Storage
(Hilton Market)
[all day]Fan Storageruns until 3:30am
New Mothers Room
(Hilton Corner Office)
[all day]New Mothers Room[all day]
Convention Operations
(Hilton San Carlos)
[all day]Convention Operations[all day]

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