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Sunday 9pm-10pm

Cutting Edge Room
continues from 8pmCrunchyroll presents: Black Clover
Nostalgia Room
continues from 8pmGaming Anime: Funimation presents: .hack//SIGN
Asian Film Room
Crunchyroll presents: Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Timeruns until 11pm
Marathon Room
continues from 7pmGaming Anime: Crunchyroll presents: Recovery of an MMO Junkieruns until 12am
Industry Room
Funimation presents: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortressruns until 11pm
Video Main
Anime Hell Classicruns until 11pm
Film Room
Abridged Series Screenings: Sword Art Online Abridgedruns until 11pm
Console Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Console Gaming[all day]
Tabletop Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Tabletop Gaming[all day]
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open Arcade Gaming[all day]
PC Gaming
(SJCC Hall 3)
[all day]Open PC Gaming[all day]
Games Presentation Stage
(SJCC Hall 3)
Jackbox Party Pack Power Hours (Recreational)runs until 12am
Gaming Tournaments
(SJCC Hall 3)
continues from 6pmPokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Doubles - Tournament
(SJCC Room 212)
continues from 3pmOpen Mic
Dance - Main Floor
(SJCC Room 230)
FanimeCon Danceruns until 3am
Dance - Water Center
(SJCC Room 231)
Dance - Water Centerruns until 3am
Dance - Rest Area
(SJCC Room 232)
Dance - Rest Arearuns until 3am
Stage Zero
(SJCC Vista Point)
continues from 8pmFanimeCon Game Show: Visual Novel Editionruns until 11pm
Info Desk 1
(SJCC Near Stage Zero)
[all day]Info Desk Main[all day]
Info Desk 4
(SJCC Opposite Hilton Entrance)
continues from 12pmInfo Desk 4runs until 12am
Black and White Ball Events
(Marriott San Jose Ballroom)
continues from 6pmBlack and White Ballruns until 12am
(Marriott Silicon Valley Boardroom)
[all day]Volunteersruns until 11:30pm
Fan Storage
(Hilton Market)
[all day]Fan Storageruns until 3:30am
(Hilton Almaden)
continues from 8pmMix Weapon Demo and Discussion
New Mothers Room
(Hilton Corner Office)
[all day]New Mothers Room[all day]
Convention Operations
(Hilton San Carlos)
[all day]Convention Operations[all day]
Lost and Found
(Hilton Plaza)
[all day]Lost and Foundruns until 12am
Tabletop Gaming
(Hyatt Salon 1:3)
continues from 6pmOpen Tabletop Gaming (18+)runs until 12am
Panels 1
(Fairmont Imperial Ballroom)
continues from 7pmCWF: Fanimania V (16+)
Panels 2
(Fairmont Regency Ballroom)
Pokémon Film Review Hour (16+)runs until 11pm
Panels 3
(Fairmont Crystal)
Dragon Age Otome (18+)runs until 11pm
Panels 4
(Fairmont Gold)
History Moe: IJN and KanColleruns until 11pm
Manga Lounge
(Fairmont Sacramento / Piedmont / Hillsborough)
continues from 10amManga Loungeruns until 12am
Info Desk 5
(Fairmont Near Main Entrance)
continues from 10amInfo Desk 5

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